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In order to provide the highest quaility training to criminal defense investigators, the CDITC offers the Component Method course of study as a distance learning program.

CDI 101 DL – The Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation – This course presents the Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation in a comprehensive format designed to address the training needs of new or experienced investigators.  The basic philosophy of criminal defense investigation and theory of investigative critical thinking are examined, as is the concept of reasonable doubt.  Case Review & Analysis, Defendant Interview, Crime Scene Inspection, Impeachment Background Investigation, Witness Interviews & Statements, Report Writing & Testifying. 


* Satisfies the Academic Requirement for Board Certification (CCDI).

Course Details:  The training has been categorized into four assignments. Each assignment is followed by a multiple-choice test. Upon completion of the assignment section you must call the training coordinator to request a test. The test will be emailed to you. You must notify the training coordinator upon receipt of the test. At that time you will be given 24 hours to complete the test and return it to the CDITC for correction. All tests are open book. A one page essay is also required as part of Assignment 2. The final exam involves a 3-5 page scholarly paper addressing the role of the criminal defense investigator. You have 12 weeks to complete the program. Extensions are available upon request. Upon successful completion of the course of study a Certificate of Training will be provided.

TUITION/FEES:   $ 450.00

Three (3) Easy Payments:

1st Payment:    $ 150.00 - includes tests 1 & 2.

2nd Payment:   $ 150.00 - includes tests 3 & 4.

Final Payment: $ 150.00 - includes Final/Scholarly Paper.

Discounted one time fee:  $  375.00 *  Payable at time of application.


The tuition for the program of study is $ 450.00 US* and includes the textbook, “Uncovering Reasonable Doubt”, the DVD "Uncovering Reasonable Doubt: The Seminar" presented by the author, Brandon A. Perron, assignment-training documents, and research source, and testing.  


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CDI 202 DL – Forensic Interviewing for the Criminal Defense Investigator – This course introduces the concepts of FTER - Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery.  The study regiment builds upon and enhances theories and concepts of investigative interviewing covered in the introductory Component Method training.  Investigative interviewing, as distinct from interrogation and/or talk therapy, is discussed as it relates to the process of criminal defense.  Practical issues, such as the significance of sworn statements and witness interviewing strategies, are covered, as are the purpose and theory behind Kinesic interviewing, cognitive interviewing, standard law enforcement interviews, and the visual imagery techniques.  The theory of Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery is introduced to the seasoned investigator.  Other practical and theoretical issues relevant to the role of the criminal defense investigator are also addressed.  The significance of interviewing to obtain “testimonial evidence”  from a forensic perspective is emphasized.



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