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Brad Perron, CCDI - Director Forensic Program
Dean Beers, CLI, CCDI
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Faculty Members - Brad Perron, CCDI, Dean Beers, CLI, CCDI, Anthony Pullano, CCDI.



The CDITC Training Schedule

2021 Training Schedule

CDITC National Criminal Defense Investigation Academy - Florida

April 12-16 - Jensen Beach, Florida - Successfully Delivered

5 day, 40-hour Criminal Defense Investigation Academy  at the Marriott Courtyard on the Beach, Jensen Beach, Hutchinson Island, Florida.  The program  of instruction involves lecture and media based training in general session.  Training offered to satisfy the Academic Requirements of the Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI).   Review the complete program and curricullum on the Academy page. 

Fraternal Order of Investigators Conference - Texas 
June 24-27 - Kerrville, Texas 

FOI’s June 2021 Conference participants will gain access to valuable resources that will expand their investigative, security and professional skills. Opportunities will be provided for networking with peers and potential business associates. Instructors and vendors will provide access to the latest services, tools, and technologies to advance attendees’ careers. 2020 was a unique and tough year and in 2021 it is time to “Get Back to Business!”.

Pre-Conference Training Event on Junte 24th - Criminal Defense Investigation 

The Component Method -
Fast-Track Seminar

Instructor: Brandon A. Perron, CCDI, CFI-FTER

National Training Director
Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council

This is a special Investigators’ Conference – only accelerated 1-day version of the nationally acclaimed 2-day Certification Program. This dynamic and fast track training will detail a comprehensive approach to Criminal Defense Investigation and Case Management and best practices, as utilized by Public Defender Investigators and Private Investigators across the nation.

There is no ideology attached to this training. The Component Method is an action plan to facilitate a comprehensive approach to the investigative process and to determine the true facts of any criminal event.

Recognized as a standard of excellence, Component Method training will be presented by CDITC National Director Brandon A. Perron, CCDI, CFI-FTER and will include the following components:

  • Philosophy and Methodology of Investigation
  • Agents of Counsel – Attorney-Client Privilege & Work-Product Doctrine
  • Criminal Rules of Procedure – Legal Defenses and Defense Theories

The Six Components of Investigative Procedure

  • Forensic Case Review & Analysis – Lead Generation, Development & Tracking
  • The Defendant Interview
  • The Crime Scene Examination
  • Impeachment and Background Investigations
  • Witness Interviewing & Statements
  • Documentation, Report Writing & Testifying

Attendees can expect to receive and become familiar with specialized training in criminal investigation and to engage the philosophy and methodology of Criminal Defense Investigation as a specific investigative discipline.

TESTING:  Testing is not required to be awarded a certificate of completion.  However, Certification in the Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation & Case Manager will require testing.  The test will be available online. The fee for the test is $ 100.00 but will be reduced to $ 50.00 for participants of this training.  The test will be provided free of charge to those who apply for CDITC Board Certification. The application for Board Certification (CCDI) is $ 225.00. Upon request and payment, a link to the test will be emailed.  The test is 50 question open book test. 


Public Defender Investigator Training Program

Classes forming - get your name on the list for the next class!

The 10-12 month tuition free training program is hosted and sponsored by the Public Defender, 19th Judicial Circuit, State of Florida.  The program is open to residents of the 19th Judicial Circuit including St. Lucie, Martin, Okeechobee and Indian River Counties. The program combines classroom instruction focused upon the Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation & Case Management, Homicide Investigaiton, Sex Crimes Investigation, and Surveillance.  Participants are required to attend classes every other Tuesday at the Fort Pierece office and are also assigned to the investigations division. Intern investigators are assigned field investigations within their county of residence and are required to conduct intake interviews of defendants at the county jail 2-3 days a week. Training offered satisfies the Academic Requirements of the Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI) designation.  Visit:

Brandon Perron and the faculty staff of the CDITC are available to deliver training  to your organization in the form of programs, seminars and at conferences as a Trainer and Key Note Speaker.  The following rates represent one instructor. 


1-2  hour presentation - Minimal Fee may be required plus travel expenses

Half Day - $ 1,000.00 plus travel expenses

Full Day - $ 2,000.00 plus travel expenses

Two Day - $ 3,000.00 plus travel expenses

Customized Training Programs can be developed to suit the individual needs of an agency and their mission. 


Key Note - Customized (Call to discuss) 


Ask about special rates for Government for the 2 day program.