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Uncovering Reasonable Doubt:  The Component Method -

A Comprehensive Guide for the Criminal Defense Investigator.  

110 pages, Investigative Support Specialist, Inc., ISBN 978-0-9670615-0-4.

A comprehensive guide for the criminal defense investigator. The philosophical and methodical approaches to the discipline of criminal defense investigation are discussed and presented in an easy to follow format. Written for public defender investigators and private investigators engaged in the field of criminal defense investigation. Includes, case studies, diagrams, and checklists.   $ 30.00 plus $ 5.00 S&H

Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery : The FTER Method -

A Forensic Approach to the Interview for the Criminal Defense Investigator.  98 pages, Investigative Support Specialist, Inc., ISBN 978-0-9670615-1-1.

Brandon Perron delivers his ability to simplify the methodical process of investigation to the discipline of Forensic Interviewing. He has added to the process with a new Forensic Interviewing book and methodology! Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery - The FTER Method was developed by Brandon as a supplement to the Component Method of criminal defense investigation. FTER enhances the investigative interview process by elevating the investigator's understanding of testimonial evidence as it relates to analysis, evaluation, recovery, and documentation.   
                                                                  $ 30.00 plus $ 5.00 S&H

Uncovering Reasonable Doubt: The Component Method: 

DVD - The lecture.   1 hour of Brandon Perron, CCDI discussing the process.

The Dynamic and Inspirational Lecture of Brandon Perron, CCDI discussing the applications of the Component Method is available on DVD.  Brandon discusses the investigative process; Forensic Case Review & Analysis, the Defendant Interview, Crime Scene Inspection, Background Impeachment Investigations, Witness Interviews/Statements, Report Writing.   1 Hour Presentation.


                                                             $ 25.00 plus $ 5.00 S&H

The Quest for Truth: The Allegorical Journey of Youngblood Hawke-Poet, Philosopher, Soldier of Fortune, and Professional Adventurer [Paperback & Kindle]   Brandon Perron (Author)

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LESSONS IN LEADERSHIP:  The Quest for Truth reveals the lessons of motivation, passion, team building, and leadership via the tales of a fictional character.  The book chronicles the allegorical journey of Youngblood Hawke as he is transformed from a self-serving soldier of fortune to a warrior prince. Presented with the question and challenge of absolute truth by a mystical sage, Hawke's inability to respond is an epiphany to him and marks the beginning of his struggle and quest. Guided by a beautiful oracle, he is introduced to the teachings of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, Nietzsche, Jose Ortega, Shakespeare, and William James spoken through mentors, sages, and prophets. Marked as a threat to their power and control over humanity, the enemies of change seek to destroy him and his desire to understand. Youngblood Hawke's destiny as a warrior prince is realized when he raises an army of "Select Warriors" and leads them against the "mass," a secret and powerful society controlling many of the world's governments. Youngblood Hawke quickly learns that the spiritual and philosophical battle for truth will not only be waged on the battlefield but also within the darkest confines of the human mind, heart, and soul.  THIS IS A MUST READ FOR THE PROFESSIONAL WITH THE HEART AND SOUL OF A WARRIOR!   
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